WHAT IS DOOL - The Exciting New Darts Game

DOOL is a game played with darts.

It consists of a reusable and replaceable printed DOOL Disc, the same size as your dart board. It is printed on fabric.
(After numerous tests by our Research and Development Division, it was agreed that this is optimally the best material to be used).
The DOOL disc is secured (details in instructions), to an existing dartboard or any other soft backing board.
The DOOL Disc is printed with numbers within concentric coloured circles to represent balls.
The game is then played according to specific rules that resemble the rules of Pool as played on a Pool Table.

The total product consists of:
1.) A DOOL Disc.
2.) Instructions
(a.) How To Play DOOL
i.) Setting Up
ii.) Safety
iii.) Rules of the Game
iv.) Scoring

(b.) Variations on how to play DOOL
i.) Basic Game
ii.) Advanced Game
iii.) Sequence Playing
3.) Scoring Sheet
4.) How to order
5.) Packaging

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